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Our model

1to4's IMPACT!

Talent is universal, opportunity is not.

There is no unique, straightforward solution to eradicate poverty. At 1to4, we use a suite of innovative products such as our Guarantor programme and our GiftVest programme to provide solutions which :

  1. Recognise the value of microfinance to foster financial independence for the most vulnerable populations.
  2. Recognise that talented individuals often outgrow what microfinance can offer and desperately need access to small business finance.
    • Small businesses create jobs. Sustainably. Everywhere.
    • Small businesses invest, pay taxes and contribute to a country’s long-term well-being.
  3. Recognise that the microfinance and small business finance sectors need to grow and can be significantly enhanced by investments in capacity building technologies and products.

Welcome to 1to4!

John & Cathy.

Congratulations MCE!Congratulations MCE!

MCE reaches USD100 Million in Loan Guarantees!

As MCE's European partner and the largest single guarantor, we are very proud to announce that MCE has now reached USD100 million in guarantees which has enabled some 351,000 loans totalling some USD95m to be made to hundreds of thousands of people across 33 countries in the developing world. Great job!

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